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To be certified as an instructor or to certify your school you must manifest the desire to receive certification to the director of the school where you received the training as yoga Inbound instructor. The director will explain the whole process of certification and collection of the cost for the certification.

After the international academic committee validates that the instructor complies with the requirements explained on this website and that the value of the certification has been paid, he / she will proceed to send the certificate, credentials and place all the Information on this website.


dadati pratigrinati
guhyam akhyati prcchati
bhunkte bhojayate caiva
sad-vidham priti-laksanam

“The six symptoms of love shared by one practitioner of bhakti yoga with one another are: offering gifts such as charity, accepting charitable gifts, revealing the mind confidentially, asking confidentially, accepting prasada (vegetarian food offered to God), and offering prasada”

Upadeshambrita (texto 4)

Dadati pratigrinati is the law of giving and receiving. Because of, through the knowledge of yoga, we have received very valuable tools that have allowed us to lead direction to our life, based on love, compassion and spiritual harmony, it is important to offer and thank the source of this eternal science. 50% of the certification fee will go to the program:Helping hand from Vrindavan

This project will help in the restoration, care and maintenance of the sacred places of Sri Vrindavan Dham (Village located in the district of Uttar Pradesh, India) the land of devotion, place in which the Supreme Lord Bhagavan Sri Krishna performed his sweet pastimes five thousand years ago. In this way, we will return to the place from which we receive the knowledge of yoga and receive spiritual merit for participating in such high devotional service.

For those who wish to know more about the activities carried out in Vrindavan, we invite you to visit the website: www.helpinghandforvrindavan.org

The other 50% of the certification fee will be used for the development of the Yoga Inbound School at a regional level. Annually, a refreshment and training event will be settled on those main cities where Yoga Inbound Schools are settled. This event will have yoga practices, seminars, vegetarian food, conscious art will be shared, annual certification will be collected and a socialization will be made to share how the school used the previous year's collection.


The cost for the certification, when it is expedited the first year, is:

  • 200US for academy certification (Academy-s instructor certification is included on this cost)
  • 108US for one Instructors certification

For certification-s updating the costs are:

  • 160US for academy certification (Academy-s instructor certification is included on this cost)
  • 85US for one Instructors certification