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When you certify a Yoga Inbound school, your director/principal is also registered.


The requirements for certifying a school are as follows:

  • To own all Yoga Inbound Teaching Materials (Books: Yoga Inbound System Manual for Brahmanas; Yoga Inbound: A chance meeting with the light of being; Bhagavad Gita as it is; Yoga Inbound Course at Home, Spiritual Masters’ Conferences, Audio and Videos from school).
  • A Yoga Inbound shrine set up in the academy.
  • A proper place conditioned to the Yoga practice (wide lighting and ventilation, yoga mats, Spiritual pictures, bathrooms, lockers, etc.)
  • The Academy director/principal must be certificate in the 1000 hrs course.
  • The academy should promote the International Service School publishing materials (SEVA).

The requirements to certify a principal/director of a Yoga inbound school are as follows:

  • The principal/director must have approved and been certified in the 1000 hrs Masters course for Yoga Inbound instructors.
  • The principal/director must have the approval from Spiritual Masters of the school (Srila Paramadvaiti Maharaj and Srila Atulananda Acharya Maharaj) to open and/or stage-manage a Yoga Inbound School.
  • The principal/director must have taken the Diksha initiation (explained on the Yoga Inbound System books, in the manual for Brahmanas and in the Gayatri Vani).
  • The principal/director must represent, in a genuine way, the Spiritual Masters, their principles and the tradition of the school to which they belong.
  • The principal/director must actively participate in the Yoga Inbound local and regional events staging.
  • The principal/director must ensure that Instructors from its school behave properly and execute perform their teaching professionally. In the event of any malfunction, you should notify the school's ethics committee, to take the necessary action as appropriate.
  • The principal/director must ensure that vegetarianism and non-intoxication (with any kind of substance that alters the central nervous system) are respected in his school as pillars for the practice of yoga.
  • The principal/director must fulfill the responsibility of being a siksha guru (instructor leader) of the students of his school, advising them and forming them in the best possible way.
  • The principal/director must supervise the services (classes, workshops, courses) that the school provides to the community, so that they are developed in the best possible way. 

NOTE: When certifying a Yoga Inbound school, its director/principal is also certified.