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The word yoga means “union or bond” and inbound means “inward.” Yoga Inbound is a journey in two directions: inwards towards the interior to connect us to all that is beautiful within our heart (love, light, compassion, and mercy) and towards to exterior to share with the beings of the creation. 

Yoga Inbound is a journey towards the transcendental with various diverse yoga systems (hatha yoga, the harmony of the physical body;anna yoga, a diet for life;karma yoga, correct action;dhyana yoga, meditation; yjñana yoga, the cultivation of transcendental knowledge, in order to reachbhakti yoga, development of love for God) with the objective to give an integral yoga practice to practitioners.

The school of Yoga Inbound works jointly with the institute of Oida Therapy in order for our instructors to become therapists in relation with the perennial psychology and Vedic knowledge (Oida Vedic Therapy)