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Who are we?

Yoga Inbound is a community with the primary objective to promote yoga practice amongst society through courses, workshops, conferences, and real-life experience in various yoga centres.

The school was funded 30 years ago by Srila Bhakti Aloka Paramadvaiti (Spiritual Master of bhakti or yoga of love) with the objective to connect all interested people with the sacred idea of self-realisation.

Our schools belongs to Brahma Gaudiya Sampradaya (line of succession of disciples) and its main centre is located in Vrindavan, Utthar Pradesh, India. 

In the present moment, the school of Yoga Inbound has more than 100 centres and eco-farms around the world. Places that are considered to be a spiritual oasis, where yoga practitioners can further improve their knowledge of the self.  

The school has its own editorial called SEVA (Editorial Service of the Vaishnavas Acharyas), where the practitioners can find a wide range of publications focused on development of the integral yoga practice (audios, videos, illustrations, books, magazines, and brochures)